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Monday, February 7, 2011

A weekend of falls...

I had a fall weekend. It wasn't exactly planned or even wanted. It just kind of happened.

Saturday I was up for a 14 miler. Yes, it was raining. Yes, it was cold, but the temps were above freezing. I set out on a trail that had been cleared for the most part. I wore water proof gear, even a hat to keep the rain off my head. Well, as I was running on the nice black, paved trail I slipped, went into the air and land on my tush. I thought it was a puddle, of course, my hands landed in the puddle part and my fleece gloves were soaked. My foot landed on the ice and sent me flying in the air. Did I mention that it happened at the first 1/2 mile mark? Yeah, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet.

I kept running and I was a little sore, but not bad. I think maybe my tush froze so I couldn't feel any pain.

It felt good to run nice and easy. I think the average pace was about 9:40, finished in 2:17, but I did have to walk in some areas where there was ice - I wasn't risking falling again. When I finished, I felt good. All day I felt good. I was a maniac around the house: cleaning, laundry, reorganizing... etc. I felt REALLY good. Not like someone who just ran 14 miles in the cold rain.

On Sunday it was GORGEOUS. Kind of made me wished I had saved my run, but I have church and other "duties" on deck on most Sundays. Bob was running at 12:30 and TriGuy had a busy schedule of parties. After I returned home from my "duties," I thought it was a great day to try my bike on a "real" road. I have only ridden it in my neighborhood and on the trainer. As I was getting dressed, Kiera flipped out because she wanted to go and promise to ride "as fast as you, mommy!"

So we went about a mile and she was pedaling SOOOOOO slow. Poor thing - I noticed that both of her tires were flat. I had checked my bike, but not hers. We made it back to the house and I did another loop while Daddy put air in her tires. Picked her back up and we did another mile together. Her little legs were tired - out of shape.

I dropped her off again and headed to see how far and how fast I could go. I did several more miles and then decided to venture out of my neighborhood. I am waiting at the stop light, trying to make a left hand turn (and I do not know the arm signals - I stink, I know!) and the guy across form me doesn't have his blinker on so I assume he is going straight. As the light turns green, he puts on his blinker to turn and so I head out into the intersection to make my left turn and slide/slipped on the sand/salt that was still on the road. Down I go. I feel like a fool. Praying that NO ONE gets out of their cars to help me. No one did... I hurried up off my bike and decide that maybe, just maybe I was meant to be in my neighborhood still! I pedaled home (did 10.7 in 35 minutes and that included the 2 miles with Kiera) thanking God that Kiera wasn't with me... she would have been scared.

All in all, I ended the weekend with 2 falls and three bruises. One on my tush, one on my knee and one on my elbow. I think my ego was bruised the most. I ran 7.2 today in 1:03 just to see if the bruises hurt. They made themselves known, but more annoying than painful. This weekend left me with one question:
Am I really going to Tri?


coach dion said...

Yes you are, unles you want to win, but you can go for a win next time. This first one isn't about winning, it's about finishing and enjoying it, and i bet you are going to have fun, so don't worry just just keep training.

Zaneta said...

oh no!! sounds painful! So glad you're ok other than the 3 bruises!

momof3 said...

:( Sometimes these things happen. You're going to rock the tri.

AND no, you're not going to try, you're going to do.

Try not. DO or DO NOT. There is no TRY.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, you are determined to get in your training. I take those as signs to do something else....... HA

*~* *~* Tracy said...

So glad you weren't badly hurt. I'm a wimp and would have limped home after either of those falls.You're one tough mamma!

Julie said...

Sorry about the bike crash. I'm always amazed about how inconsiderate and out of it car drivers are. You can look them straight in the eye when you are on the bike and you just KNOW that they've seen you, and then they try to run you over anyway. UGH!
Don't let it keep you from getting out there!

Emily said...

If it makes you feel any better, I fall ALL the time, and I've been tri-ing for a while. Keep up with that determined spirit!

Richelle said...

You're one tough cookie! Glad that you only suffered a couple bruises with your falls, and that you weren't seriously injured.