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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday I did WAY TOO MUCH exercising.

1. I woke up and could not fall asleep, so at 3:30 am I had my date with Tony and did Ab Ripper X and Plyometrics.

2. Around 11am, I went to the gym and swam 1000m, changed quickly - and rode for 18 minutes for 5.3 miles on the bike, did some shoulders and lower back along with some core, and then tried to run... managed 3 miles and walked the another 1.4 because my groin muscle said hello.

My sweet Dolce!

3. Today, I am SORE. My hams are tight, my calves are on fire and my energy level is DOWN... way DOWN. I'm tired, DOG TIRED!

Lesson learned, doing a 2+ hour workout and p90x is NOT a good thing. Today I rested, stood Tony up COMPLETELY... and was punished because it was a GORGEOUS day!
What lesson have you learned recently?


XLMIC said...

You are an ANIMAL!!!! Wow...

I love that plyo workout... though I only did it for about 6 weeks... when I was pregnant. I need to get back to Tony :) You are inspiring me to do it. I think after reading your blog for a few more weeks and seeing some more pics of your INCREDIBLE arms, I will do it.

Recently I learned that I need to stop leaving my garage door open... especially when it is pouring rain and windy out! I seem to have a problem with this.

H Love said...

girl go back to bed!

Richelle said...

Foam roller the dickens out of your legs!

Rene' said...

Holy Cow! You are a machine my friend! I think that you deserved a rest!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Okay when LBM got me up at 1:49 I did not think "Gee this would be a great time to squeeze in my run." I am seeing brilliance in your thinking. heehee

BUT it might have been a bit of overload to add all the other works in too. I think you have completed at least 2 day's worth of workouts. Enjoy the rest!