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Monday, January 10, 2011

Its Monday...

Since today is Monday, I don't work. Well, I did get called to sub for a teacher that apparently did not exist and I did respond to some emails, but I did not have to go into the office. So, I took the kids to the first bus stop (gives me 20 more minutes) and headed to the gym to work out.

I haven't been to this gym at 9am before... and once I got to the parking lot, I realized why. EVERY spot was taken and I am not talking about 10 or 20 spots... more like 100. There were several cars (actually SUVs - expensive ones) circling the rows, so I decided to go to the furthest row from the door and guess what? There was ONE spot... and since I am not a lazy gym goer, I snagged it. Feeling quite proud of myself, I smirked at the cars still circling as I walked to the door. And I am NOT JOKING, like 20 people were leaving at the same time. I bet they had the close parking spots... but hey, I am at the gym to work out right? Isn't it better to get the furthest spot? I got a warm up and they... well, sat in their warm cars driving in circles.

My plan for the gym today was simple:

Bike: 15 min warm up
Strength: shoulders, arms, and core
Run: temp (first and last at 8:45, middle 3 at 8:00)

A woman wearing this outfit was on the elliptical
I got to the floor and as I was warned, it was like I was in Louis Vuitton's gym-wear closet. Seriously, these women looked expensive... and I am not just talking about their clothes. Suddenly, I felt under dressed. I had UA shorts and a Nike shirt, and an Adidas half zip on top. I had combed my hair... but they had style, they had GRACE... thankfully, they did NOT have makeup on.

I hoped on the bike and put the headphones in and was really moving. I managed to get 5.45 miles done in 15 minutes - average rpm was 97 and I was at level 14. YAY!

I hoped off and did shoulder presses, then core 3x, then triceps and planks (front and both sides), then biceps and leg raised sit-ups... abs seriously feeling it - Yay.

After that I hoped on the treadmill and at first set it for 8:45 for the first mile. After about 10 seconds I felt like I was walking, and decided to bump it up to 8:30/min mile. And when I reached mile 1, I did 8:00 min/miles until mile 4, then I bumped it back down to 8:30/min miles. It felt great. I was completely out of breath during the 8s, but knowing that I would be bumping it down soon helped... of course, having my tunes in my ear hoped too.

As I was leaving I tried to make an appointment to do my Fit Assessment and found a trainer free to do it right then. I wasn't pleased with the results. I have 15.7% body fat... which is AWESOME compared to where I was in April 2009, but I had fooled myself that I was better (the trainer even said that it was awesome but - EH!). Also, when I was weighed, her scale said I was 4 lbs heavier than my scale at home - BOOOO! My stretch assessment was also bad - I mentioned that I logged a lot of miles last week and maybe I didn't stretch properly, but she gave me no sympathy.  Also, she tested my cardiovascular activity and I was on the lower end of that? Really? I just ran a marathon in October. Oh well, her next client arrived before she could really explain all of the results to me... but I must still have a LOT of work to do. I will keep you posted.

Do you ever feel like you will never physically be where you want to be? I REALLY need to learn to be blessed where I am, and look where I came from... instead of wishing I was in even better shape.


Karen said...

I think 15.7% body fat is really impressive!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

WOW. I think that sounds like a great %.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome body fat %. I think that is well below what is considered 'good' for a woman so you have nothing to worry about there.

Caroline said...

the trainer is right ! it is awesome!

XLMIC said...

Impressive workout and impressive body fat! Wow!

Terri said...

I have, in the past, felt like I was physically right where I wanted to be, but then I went to grad school and let that go and I regret it every day. But - I think your fit-test is probably not entirely accurate. Ok on the body fat - that is good. But the rest of it? I have my doubts.


First of all, I wear that outfit all the time.

Second, that is an awesome percentage. My BF scale at home says I have 27% fat, maybe 26% on a good day.