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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deer: 1, Me: 0, Car: -1

So yesterday morning, I was heading out to go volunteer at the elementary school (like every other do-good mom) and I went a way I NEVER go. Not only do I never go this way, I am not even sure why I did it. And a deer came out of NO WHERE and ran in front of my car. I swerved, hit a large curb (it was just before an overpass) and was stopped. Yep, flat tire. Not just flat, crooked.... never a good sign. The deer ran away unscathed and I was stuck with a damaged car. Thankfully, this happened like 300 yards from where we take our car to be serviced so I did what every other non-mechanical woman would do and "drove" it to the shop. I asked the guy if I did more damage by doing that and he comforted me by saying, "I couldn't have" but maybe he was just being nice. DUMB DEER! Currently replacing tire, wheel and getting it realigned!

I had already planned to rest; but by evening, my nerves were still shot, so I opted to run. And not just any ole 5 miler... a semi-fast one. Mile 5 split was 7:57. Average pace for the 5.3 miles was 8:16, not bad. And then on the way home, I hacked up a LUNG. UGH. This runner's cough stinks. It only happens to me in cold weather. I have noticed that if I cool down in the cold weather (like by walking a little bit before I go home), it is much better. But hopping into the car... was dangerous. I almost pulled over (with recent accident on my mind - didn't want to put my husband's truck out of commission too) but thankfully there was a really long train and I had to wait to cross the tracks like 10 minutes. Yay! I drove home with my window down. I really need to get this check out... could it be sports induced asthma only if it only happens in cold weather?


Thank you to the 9 followers that played along. I have to say my favorite answer was:

ajh said... You're having another child!

I WOULD love to have another child... but would have to get another husband for that - he got "clipped" when Brock was 6 months... two healthy children were enough for him. But I LOVE babies!!!!

I registered for Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint Tri at Lake Anna Beach Marina in Bumpass, VA which is on April 17th. It is official. I got my confirmation yesterday. And since I never waste money, I am going to do it! It actually sounds quite easy (remind me that a week before when I am freaking out)!

So there were several winners who commented. The "MOST"accurate comment was:

Rene' said... Did Ginny guess it right??? That would be very exciting or is it that you signed up for your first tri????

But two others offered a similar answer:

God's daughter said... You are doing a triathlon
Caroline said... is it TRI in the near future?

So email me your addresses at: hahleewude @ verizon . net and I will get you a little something shipped out!

I am nervous about becoming a Triathlete... especially before becoming a seasoned runner, but I have the bike, the bike shoes, the swim suit... I might as well try....

As far as my race schedule - the ones that I have paid for:

March 26th: National Half Marathon
April 3rd: Cherry Blossom 10 miler
April 17th: Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint Tri

I will be looking for an Olympic Tri, more 1/2 marathons, possibly a 1/2 IM and plan to run a marathon in the fall with Bob (either Richmond or Philly).
What does your race schedule look like? Want company?


XLMIC said...

Just love that name.... Rumpus in the Bumpass! And you know, that clipping can be fixed back up again... but it's hard to get a guy to go for that ;-)


One of my friends/clients is training for that race right now. It will be her first tri as well. Congrats! You are going to have a blast!

Caroline said...

Wow this is great ! Good for you and congrats for having the guts to do it!
Nothing like a good challenge !

Holly said...

I got into the Cherry Blossom also!! It will be my longest and only 2nd race!!

Mark said...

Glad you weren't hurt! Great 5 miler!

ajh said...

I had a feeling it was exercise related but couldn't resist writing my guess!

Pam said...

That's awesome about the tri!

Richelle said...

I'm glad you're okay and that you only had a flat tire. I almost hit a deer this past summer.

God's daughter said...

Glad you are ok, from hitting a deer. And congrats on entering for a tri. Thanks too, I sent you my address.

coach dion said...

Doing a Tri isn't that scary, I alway look at it like this: Can I get through the swim without drowning... If the answer is yes I will finish. Good luck

*~* *~* Tracy said...

Congrats on signing up for the tri! It sounds like a lot of fun!

I'm so glad your deer-car collision wasn't more serious.