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Monday, December 6, 2010

"Hot Now"

The most interesting thing about not being in the midst of a training plan is that I can do really whatever I want. There is no pressure to run. I think I like it too much.

With the marathon in my past, I have bargained with my family not to be out running and spending too much time away from them. This means that I try to get my runs in while they are not home or while they are in bed. It also means that there is no need to get up at the crack of dawn to run on Saturdays. Besides being super cold, I get to spend those morning hours with my children (allowing my husband to sleep in) cuddling and even torturing myself by taking them to Krispy Kreme. No, I did not eat any donuts despite the "Hot Now" sign being on. If I had finished my long run already, I certainly would have indulged, but since I had not, I stayed away from them and enjoyed watching the kids devour their donuts.

My plan was to try and get 10 miles in at some point on Saturday. Bob had wanted to run 12 miles earlier but I couldn't so around 2pm, I set out for a long run with TriGuy. Now, as I mentioned he is fast but is just trying to gain mileage. He "jogs" with me as I race to keep up with him. It is a nice challenge but I am pretty sure I won't be able to keep up much longer. Actually, I am not keeping up as it is, he is slowing down for me.

Here are our splits:

Mile 1: 8:20
Mile 2: 8:23
Mile 3: 8: 36
Mile 4: 9:02 (ITB started to hurt)
Mile 5: 8:49
Mile 6: 9:04 (butt cramp)
Mile 7: 8:55
Mile 8: 8:59
Mile 9: 8:55
Mile 10: 8:41(left shoe came untied but I did not stop)

Total: 1:27:49 (A 10 mile PR by 6 seconds)

After we finished, I walked home exhausted. It almost felt like a really long run for me. Of course, TriGuy wasn't even phased! I hoped in the shower and when I got out, my left ankle started to hurt. And I mean, really hurt. It hurt so bad that I was limping. I have NO IDEA why. I did not twist it during the run. The only thing I could think about was running the last 1/2 mile with my shoe untied did not support my ankle. So I hobbled downstairs which is NEVER a good sign to the family. After all, I only ran 10 miles - cake, right?

Later that night I took a short walk to my neighbors house and decided to force myself not to limp and all of a sudden, the pain went away. Talk about strange. Maybe it has been all of the heels that I had been wearing. Remember, I gave them up for the marathon? Well, I have been ROCKIN them ALL OF THE TIME lately simply because I have a height complex.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes which was 5.01 miles at an average mph of 15 - not good, but I am just starting. I should have a bike by now - I don't. I had planned to test ride some bikes yesterday, but the temps and wind chill are so bad, I decided it wasn't a good idea. Procrastinating, maybe.

And between P90X and working some circuits at the gym, I am getting buff. I am even less self conscious about my flabby triceps. I know... you want a pic. Patience, my dear readers!


Lisa said...

I haven't been to krispy kreme in ages. I'm not sure I could resist having a donut if I *did* go. Mmmmmmm

Terri said...

Yum - donuts! I have to confess that I have a donut about every three months. I get the filled ones and cut the filled part out and eat that and give the rest to the chickens, or the dog, or just toss it. My husband laughs at me, but I know I'm saving at least 100 calories by cutting the outer parts away, and it's really the filled part that I want, anyway! Glad your ankle straightened itself out!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Marathon training takes so much time...that is the only thing keeping me from training for another one right much time away from the family unless I do like you and try to run at times they are away or sleeping. For me, I guess that will mean getting up at the crack of dawn...ugggh! or nights. and I need to look into this P90x because everything is talking about it. And you earned a donut so indulge!

kimert said...

You lost me at hot donuts! ;)
Just kidding!! While I do love me a good hot Krispy Kreme it isn't something I indulge in often at all. But you totally earned it!

Pam said...

You passed on the "Hot Now" sign?

You, my friend, are a much stronger woman than I.

XLMIC said...

P90X... bring it! I need to stop just watching my husband working out with Tony and the other "boys and girls"... lol ... and do it, too! You're inspiring me!

Erika said...

Doughnuts are so hard to turn down...good work!