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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kona, anyone?

Did anyone else watch NBC Sport's coverage of the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona?  I haven't even competed in a single Triathlon and I was enthralled with it.

It wasn't the stories of the stars, although they look TOUGH and like total ROCKSTARS. It wasn't even the stories of the random people that were tracked, although the 70 year old man was pretty cool and the veteran was inspiring. For me it was the possibility. The possibility that one day I may be able to complete an Ironman.

As the top guys (McCormack and Raelert) were running side by side, I was almost in tears. Two AMAZING athletes, both going for the win. McCormack even handed his wet sponge to Raelert to cool off. Wow... what respect for each other. Some words were exchanged by McCormack to Raelert that we later learned were: "no matter what happens, you’re a champion" and they never spoke again until the finish.

I was in complete awe of these two athletes. As McCormack gripped his side in agony, I wondered if he would make it. As Raelert fell behind, I wondered what he was thinking as he watched the title slip away.

I was this emotional about something that I have never even done before. Shoot, I have had a bike for over a week and have not been able to ride it because I do not have bike shoes. Crazy, right?

I never get this emotional over sports, but to see the effort that all of the athletes put into a race like this was AMAZING! My mother thinks I am CRAZY to even run a marathon, let alone dream of completing an IM someday. I joked and said, maybe by 35, I could do it and you should have seen her face. It was as if I has said I was could to climb Mt. Everest tomorrow or something (which BTW seems completely out of reach to me).

I have no idea what 2011 will hold for me as I train and compete in my first Triathlon. I plan to train hard and smart and come April, I will know. I will know whether an IM is in reach for me someday.... or if I have to place it in the same category as climbing Mt. Everest.
What are your goals for 2011?


Terri said...

I don't know about an Ironman, but I am definitely going to do a triathlon in the spring!

Holly said...

I am signed up for a 10M the beginning of April, and I want to do a half Marathon at the end of April. I'll also probably sign up for a Fall race, just not sure of one yet. Good Luck with your Training!

momof3 said...

OK. I think I should tell you. It's SO my closet goal. I want to do one, but know i need about 4 - 5 years to finish school & get things a little settled. in the next 2 years I'm DEFINITELY planning a Half IM.

SO, 2011 goals? #1 Goal - Injury Free. others include a Marathon - reaching for that UBER Goal, a GBA showing at either a 10K or 15K, and I'm looking HARD at an Oly distance aquathlon in July. AND If I obtain a "real bike", maybe a Tri in Sept. Depends on how much I love/hate my bike.

Trish said...

I don't think you are crazy at all! The IM has always been a secret goal of mine. Of course, I'll have to finish a 5K and learn how to swim first ;)

Caroline said...

2011: the year of the half marathon (s)!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

I love watching it - and have watched it for years. I think it is a great goal to have. Those lava fields always look sooooooo hot!

I am going to sign up for some duathlons this summer - I am not a strong swimmer and really don't have the desire to devote the necessary time to become better - I would much rather spend my time on the road either running or biking.

Richelle said...

I'm hoping to complete my first duathlon and triathlon in 2011. I have a bike, but with the exception of one time this summer, haven't ridden one in 11 years. I'd love to do a half-IM someday, too, but I just want to see how a sprint tri, and then an Olympic-distance tri goes.

coach dion said...

Have done 2 IRONMEN a number of years ago, for the first one I was running fit and scared of nothing, exceped drowning!!! so when I got out of the water, the rest was easy. The 2nd one the swim was harder (didn't train) but it was the hours on the bike which got to me, and I said never again without training on the bike. The marathon has never scared me. So if you do the long hours go for it...
Plans for 2011 to run

Wendy said...

Hoping to run marathon #4 this year.

Sarah said...

You go girl! Delighted to meet you! Hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you a bit. This looks like a refreshing place to dip and get drenched in goodness.

Have a joy filled, love overflow Christmas,

Kirsten said...

It's no secret that I'm hooked on ALL of it and plan to run marathons and IM's until I physically can't anymore. (80's??? LOL) Anyone can do it, just have to want to and be willing to train.

Kona is amazing, of course, I don't aspire to qualify for that as the standards are incredibly tough as is the course, but as many IM's as possible are on my list. :)

Everest is a NEVER, have you read Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer? Excellent book.

Heather said...

I LOVE IM stories. So inspirint.

I was going to train for a half iron man this year and I think I have slap talked myself out of it.

I hope to do more sprint triathlons and maybe actually sprint during them!

Have a Merry Christmas!