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Saturday, November 6, 2010

MCM - race recap - part 6 (of 7 - I think)

I was becoming very frustrated trying to find Lyle and the kids. I felt like we were cattle they were corralling. There was no place to sit and stretch... and I wanted to just stretch. I kept walking. I called my sister Janet to find out what my finish time was (I think secretly praying it was under 5 hours) and she had to leave her computer just at the last moment before the final stats were posted. I am sure I sounded annoyed... she just wanted to congratulate me and I just wanted to know my finish time.

I called my mom to ask her what my finish time was, because I knew they had nothing better to do then to track me all day. She did not know either as she logged off just at the last minute, when it showed my projected time... AHHHH... I just wanted to know. Janet called back and shared with me that I finished in 5:04 - and a little disappointment swept across me. Meanwhile, I was still walking, very slowly with the crowd of finishers to find our families. We were handed white bags - I had no idea it had food in it. I just was trying not to get knocked down by the people passing out or getting puked on - seriously, people were puking left and right.

I called Bob to let him know that I had finished. He was almost home and was so proud. I enjoyed that phone call the best, I think.  (More on this later).

I called Lyle again and as he started telling me where they were, Cat and Craig had found him and were waiting for me. So awesome. I looked in the crowd for Beth and Jen and just could not find them. It was so stressful.

Finally, I made it out of the corralled area and found Lyle and the kids and Cat and Craig waiting for me. They all gave me hugs - I am sure I just smelled gross. You can tell the kids are just ready to go home. And I was too. It had not really sunk in what I had accomplished because I was too busy thinking that I did not run it under 5 hours.

Trying to get home was just as crazy as finding the family. The metro was super crowded, but thankfully we got a seat - maybe they felt sorry for this marathon finisher. As we were waiting to get into the metro in the crowds, I was bending over with my hands on my legs. I heard someone in front of me say, "Give her some space." They thought that I was going to puke, but really, I was just trying to stretch my butt and thighs.

I was happy to sit on the metro, but then my stomach started to detest the Gu. I was afraid I was going to get sick after all, but I didn't. I needed to go to the bathroom as the last time was 7am, and it was after 2pm by this point. On the metro as the kids talked to me incessantly, Brock accidentally kicked me in my left shin - you know the one where I had a bruised tibia... and BOY DID IT HURT! He got upset because I was in so much pain, but really, it was an accident. At that point really any touching hurt me. The kids just wanted to hang all over me, and it hurt.

By the time I got home, I was ready for a shower. And we arrived to our house with a Congrats balloon on my mailbox and a sweet message written on my driveway in chalk that read: "26.2" set you free!

I asked Lyle and the kids if the did it... they said, no but I did not believe them. I went inside and started to get undressed and saw just how salt covered my clothes were... I was disgusting. I started standing in the hot shower and after 3 minutes, placed the plug in and decided that a warm jacuzzi bath was just what I wanted. Too long after the race for a ice bath. I enjoyed the water as it filled the tub over my body. And this is the first time I felt.... I AM A MARATHONER! I had made it. I had finished the race. I was content!
After my bath, I just laid in my robe and towel in my bed. Lyle was sweet to give me so much space to rest and soak it up. He warned the kids that if they bothered me, I would not be able to go trick-or-treating with them... so they left me alone. At 5:45, I arose from bed, got dressed in my costume: I was going as a marathoner finisher. I put on one of my new running skirts, my new compression socks, my medal, and my wrap. I was ready and I was still able to walk! I got Kiera all dolled up in her costume - she went as a beauty queen and wore my tiara and sash from my pageant in 1994. Brock went as Indiana Jones.

It was a fun night. One high light was going by Bob's house to show him and his wife my medal.  They were both so happy. And this is when I found out that Bob's wife was the giver of the balloon and message. They are just so incredible! And I am pretty sure I told EVERYONE that was there that I had just finished the marathon. I was on cloud nine! It was so much fun to brag and hopefully, I wasn't too annoying.

By this point, I had still only consumed a protein shake. I tried to eat when I came home and my throat was raw. At this point I had no idea what was going on, but would soon find out. I had lost 5lbs during the marathon... and enjoyed reading that number in the scale knowing that it would soon vanish.

(Okay, I know I promised to reveal what "GET (or GOT) CHRISTY" means today, but I ran out of space... next post, I promise!)

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Kirsten said...

cute costumes :)

*~* *~* Tracy said...

I have really enjoyed reading your recaps. Such a great accomplishment!

Pam said...

I can't believe you still had enough GO left in you to get up and go trick-or-treating. I love that you went as a marathon finisher, too. That's just classic. lol

Bob's wife sounds like an absolute angel. As does Bob. You're so blessed to have met him when you did. :)

And by the way, thanks so much for the prayers, love, and thoughts. You just don't know how much that means!


Lisa said...

It's amazing that you were on your feet for trick or treating after all that!

Janet said...

cried it.. love the message on the drive way.. wish Lyle had thought of you

Janet said...

BTW you are killing me with this Christy thing

Melinda said...

Aren't the post-race logistics at MCM a mess??

April said...

LOl!!! I love that you went as a "marathon finisher"!! Own it girl!