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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I cheated...

I disappeared. I know, I have a REALLY awesome giveaway and then I disappear. Excuse: Life!

I have been running. On Saturday, I ran a nice easy 10 miler with Bob through the Capital Crescent Trail.  I LOVE running in the summer, but the Fall - HAS TO be my second favorite time of year to run.  The beauty of the leaves, the pathway covered in magnificent colors of Fall. BTW: I HATE running in the winter!

On Sunday after noon, I wanted to run fast, so I headed our for a 4 miler, but ended at 5.43 miles in 51:45, which is about a 9:30 pace.

Then yesterday, it happened. I cheated. I cheated on running. I went to a bike shop and tested two bikes (you know since my goal is to actually do a Tri or two next year).  I was so star struck, I did not even think about taking pictures, sorry! I first got prepped by the ever so brilliant TriGuy. Of course the bike he was educating me with was BEAUTIFUL and I think over $3,000.00.

Finally, got to the bikes that I could actually afford and tested a Trek first.  I tested it on a road, with cars zooming by. It was totally scary at first, but I got comfortable, figured out the whole gear shifting thing and rode pretty far.  Then I took the Felt out. COMPLETELY different than the Trek in a good way, but the gear shifting seemed a little more "sticky". I got up to 22 mph on the Felt (okay, I was going down a big hill).  At no point did I feel like I was cheating while on the bikes... the first impression was good. I think I was a little caught up in the moment.  It wasn't until I got off the bike that my "sit bone" was shouting, "Cheater!"  I left with a lot to think about. I did not go to buy and I want to test out more bikes at another shop before I spend so much money.  If I am going to cheat, it is going to be with one that I fall head over heels in love with, not a "one rider". You know that one that I am talking about; the one that after the luster goes away still seems PERFECT.

But cheating on running is very expensive. I went into the shop with a budget... a high budget I thought - $1,000.00 which I want to cover EVERYTHING - the helmet, shoes, bike shorts, pedals, water bottles, and you know, the bike!  I am not sure it will be enough, but I am taking my time. My biggest catch is I do not want to spend $700 - $800 on a bike and LOVE it and wish I spent $1200.  But I certainly do not want to spend $1200 on a bike and HATE riding and waste my money. WHAT TO DO?

I started to compare running and biking (and even swimming). I think running can be expensive - think running skirts ($50+), knee high socks ($10/pair), cute tops to go with the skirts ($10-$40), sports bras ($50), shoes ($100), TMB Endurance bands ($8 - $10), water belt ($30), fuel ($20/month) and do not even get me started on Cold Running Gear (did I mention I HATE running in the winter?).

And swimming - a good suit can run up close to $100 and goggles around $20... and if you need a pool membership (my gym has a pool and I use the outdoor pool with the kids in the summer)... but not too expensive.

It got me thinking about my running. Do you know how many skirts I could get with $1000? How many shoes or really cute socks? And better yet, how many races I could do with $1000?

Is cheating on running with biking worth it? The verdict is still out, but I have never gone 22 mph while running - there is something invigorating about that... and well, is worth a second encounter.



I really love my bike (it's a road bike). I got it on closeout at Dick's (3 yrs ago) for $210. I used to hook it up to my trainer and ride in the living room. I wish I used it more though. I find it really hard to bike since I can't do it with the kids (yes, I have a bike trailer, but I hate it). Plus, if I had to choose between a run or a ride. The run is always going to win.

Angie Bee said...

The big reason I have not or will not be biking anytime soon is the cost and then add swimming to be a triathlete, its just crazy expensive. I would be good at the running part of the tri!

WannabeRunner said...

It sounds like biking is something you'd really like to tri(ha) so i say go for it! I am sure you can find some good deals. :)

Kirsten said...

You know what I think! Get a bike! Trust me you will LOVE it! If you liked a test ride that much, you haven't even scratched the surface of how much fun it is to really get comfortable on the bike and get into riding! Cheat away sister! It all counts and personally I don't consider tri's or biking to be cheating on running, it just adds to your fitness and fun levels!

momof3 said...

Don't buy a bike you may or may not love. Better to buy a nicer bike. Check out craigs list, buy used, test it for a year. If you love it - sell used, buy $1200 bike. Win/Win.

Oh, that's MY plan... sorry... I was practicing my pitch for my husband. How'd it sound?

Rene' said...

I am not a bike person. My husband bought me a Trek similiar to your picture a couple of years ago because I was going to do a tri, but of course rode the bike at home and was petrified. I am definitely a run person. On the flip side...if you felt invigorated and loved it I say go for it. A bunch of my friends do tri's and do these big bike rides on weekends and love it. As long as you come back to your first love:) you should be fine! Happy Turkey day!!

Lisa said...

I don't think I'd spend much on a bike if I wasn't interested in cycling. Looking back, I invested quite a bit on two bikes, that I have used for several seasons, but my real love is running and I hardly hop on the bikes anymore.

Trish said...

I would go for the bike! I was going to buy one last year, but didn't feel like I could afford to. I totally wish I would have! So, now I'm saving my pennies to buy one this spring. It's a great tool for crosstraining. Plus you never know when you might get tri fever :)

Janet said...

I know I am just your twin sister.. but I guess I just dont understand what the big deal is.. you want to do a tri buy a bike.. you can't pretend to ride a bike during the biking part. And I doubt a Huffy bike would do the trick. Take the leap.

Shellyrm said...

I used to bike instead of run because I wanted to be able to go farther and see more but I was never really good at what I liked, mountain biking. I think fear held me back. Road biking is okay but running wins hands down to road biking, no matter the speed.

I am always impress with people who are able to do it all, swim, run and bike. At this point in life, I just can't. I will enjoy learning as you are training for your tris. Maybe you'll convert me?!

Happy Thanksgiving!