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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Starting temp: 48 degrees.... I was FREEZING!

But I do love the Fall (hence the new background). I got married in the Fall. I gave birth to my second child in the Fall. And a lot of my favorite memories of childhood are centered around the Fall (especially Thanksgiving).

Bob said that I needed to put more pictures of me on the Blog, so here we are at the start:

We did not try to match, but our Brooks green jackets made us look like an old married couple. (Remember, Bob is camera shy). It was so cold that I brought out the socks and was still freezing. The area between my skirt and socks was almost chapped at the end.

We had 12 miles on our plan this morning so we headed to the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda, MD. 12 miles means a 6 miles turn around that took us almost to Georgetown and back.

I forgot some essentials for cold weather running.

1. Chapstick - I had chapped lips when I finished... and I forgot that I used to carry it with me to reapply as need in January.

2. Vaseline - my nose runs so much, that in the Winter I had to put vaseline on it to keep it from getting chapped too.

3. Tissues - because that nose is running way too much.

We did the 3:1, run:walk. Bob got me my own Gymboss... which I have named Pinky (because it is pink)! She did great and by the time we were finished, I could have gone further. Isn't that a great feeling after a long slow run?

We stopped at his car and started to tailgate... the runner's way. We enjoyed our protein shake, stretched and then delicious WATERMELON. It was awesome even on a cold day. (I'm such a dork here!)

Oh and up here in MD... apparently a runner with knee high socks gets funny looks. I did have one pair comment that they liked them... but most people gave me very strange looks.

How did your long run go today?

Temp when I arrived home at 9:30: 65 degrees


Lisa said...

My long run wasn't too long, a 10K, but it was fantastic. :-)

Kirsten said...

Today's long run made me remember I needed to have chapstick in my pocket on marathon day too! We ran late morning so it was around 58 degrees and perfect, sunny, ran in a tank top and shorts! I bet TONS of people will have the knee socks on for the marathon. Seems like everyone is wearing them around here, cute! You guys rock in your neon jackets and I'm so proud of you for making it this far, I just know you'll be at the start line and the finish line too!!!!! Colin ran his longest yet today, we got 18 miles. Keep it up girl!

Jae said...

Love, love, love the knee socks!!! Toooo cute!!!


The socks are super cute. And G and I get all kinds of looks, some good, some bad. We know we have style and that's all that matters!

misszippy said...

It WAS cold at the start yesterday! But once the sun came up, it was perfect running weather. I did 16 with 8 at MP and felt strong!

Pam said...

I ran in tall socks yesterday too and got more car horn honks than usual. haha

It was chilly here also yesterday morning. FELT GREAT!

Sara said...

Hi. Nice to meet you! I like your blog!

Michelle said...

Cute jacket and socks! I use vasoline as well. I also have a Snot Spot that I can wear b/c the tissues chafe my nose after a while.

momof3 said...

awe, you looked awesome!!!!