John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Monday, September 20, 2010

Running... oh, how I missed you.

Remember when I posted that I was excited about school starting because I could run during the day and NOT take time away from my family, but still take time for myself? I finally did that this morning.

We were up and ready to go early, so I figured we might as well swing by the Pediatrician and get our Flu shots before the crowds in October. The kids opted for the mist and I took the shot like a WOMAN and off to school we went. After drop off, despite looking fine in my new Fall outfit, I opted to change into my running clothes and go for a spin.

I walked a little and decided to run 4 miles... slow. The weather was PERFECTION. Glorious sun and a light cool breeze... ahhhh... heaven. I was trying to run slow, but at a 1/2 mile, I check out my Garmin and it said 8:15 pace - WOW! That is better than a good run before. I slowed down but felt like I was running 10min/miles. I just to talk to God during this run and to listen to my body. I did not bring my water belt so I felt light and airy - like the breeze would take me with it.

Mile one split: 8:53. At about 1.5, I started to get a pain in my side, so I concentrated on taking deep breaths. It could have been my allergies, but I did not feel like I was breathing very hard. After several deep breaths, the pain disappeared. I continued to talk to God and run. By talking to God, I basically lift up prayer concerns - mine, my church family... and then just pray for people. For instance, I passed a drive way that had a work truck that read: Able Pest Control and thought, "is that a play on words? Is Able their last name? I knew a boy in 3rd grade named Jamie Able and he used to pick his nose and eat his buggers.... I wonder what he is up to now? Hopefully, not still eating his buggers. God, would you be with Jamie and if he does not know you, please make your presence known to him." Mile 2 split: 9:32.

See, random I know, but sometimes it is completely on purpose: A church member George had surgery, a baby Luca is waiting for a liver transplant, my father is starting school, my grandmother is grieving the recent lost of her husband of 64 years... thank you for restoring my body so I can run, thank you for the beautiful sun and for the health of my family, be with my mother and Aunts as they are grieving the lost of their father, help my mother-in-law's BP go down and for the Doctor's to figure out what is causing it... Mile 3 split: 9:30.

I really enjoy spending this time with God and the funny thing is, when I could not run, I did not spend much time with God. And I felt it. I felt lost, and depressed and... all out of sorts. I know that I have time to spend with God without running, but I had made a habit out of it.

Mile 4 split: 9:31. So, when you run alone, without music... what thoughts run through your mind?


misszippy said...

Good for you and I love your train of thoughts on into prayers. I actually do my share of praying when I am out there running solo too..I think it's a time when your mind is clear and you're able to concentrate more that way.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

When I am on the road (because I have two left feet on the trails) I used that time to connect whether that be with LBM in the stroller or Biking Sherpa or neighbors along the way or God. It's MY time and many days it's all I get. I typically lift up each neighbor/househole I ran by. It may just be a random prayer or something more serious in their family that I know about.
Sometimes when I run solo, I simply listen. Because God is still speaking. I need to shut up and listen sometimes. ;-)

teacherwoman said...

sounds like a glorious run! I sometimes do a little praying and talking to God myself. Oftentimes i think about my students and their families, and their life outside of school. Other times I just think about random things, like training, weekend plans, etc.

S Club Mama said...

how tired I am LOL

Melinda said...

Though listening to music or books can help mask the pain, I think running in silence can be incredibly meditative! In fact, I would venture to say that I solve many of the world's problems on my daily runs! Ha. I think about everything from family to work to friends. And I like to sneak in prayer, too, as it's nice to say thanks for a glorious day in the hills.

Denita said...

Love your post! I too find time with God on my runs!

Rene' said...

Love your post today and glad you are back:)