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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain and Wind... not a fun pair

We are in Ocean City, MD for a couple of days. It feels nice to be away from the chaos of getting ready fr school and I must say, "I AM glad we are here!"

This morning called for a 9 miler and running at the beach means a flat course. I woke up at 4:45 naturally and decided to get up and get going. As I was leaving, I went out on our balcony to discover that Lyle's suit, Brock's swim shirt and suit, and Kiera's tankini top had blown off during the night. We are on the 20th floor and have left our things to dry out there for 2 other years without issue. Thank goodness we have extra suits. The towels did not budge. And if we feel the need to buy replacements, I guess the beach is the best place. (UPDATE: Lyle's suit and Brock's swim shirt was found by a neighbor... probably on their balcony - Yay!)

I was all set to go (realized last night that I forget my Gatorade, so I had to run with... water...*gasp) and headed out. First, I took a warm up walk around the grounds of the building to spy the missing swim suits - no such luck.

It was still dark when  set out, but I ran in the bike lane. There was virtually no traffic and it felt cool. I like that there is a nice breeze ALWAYS at the beach. I ran until my Garmin said 4.56 and then I turned around.

First 4 mile splits: 9:10, 9:09, 9:11, 9:14

On the turn around, I felt the wind. It was much harder to run into the wind. And then the RAIN started. At first it was light and refreshing, but as the wind picked up, the rain actually stung. I was wearing a tank and running skirt, so plenty of flesh was exposed to the stinging sensation of the rain and wind mix.

Traffic pick up as the sun was rising, so I had to run on the concrete sidewalks as well. I was thrilled when I spotted to condo building and tried to speed home.

Last 5 splits: 9:11, 9:34, 9:16, 9:46, 9:39

9 miles - Total time: 1:24:16

I wasn't as fast on the flat course as I thought I would be... interesting. So, where did you run this morning?


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run girl. I didn't run this morning but did swim 2000 Yds!

April said...

That's a great pace! I have been MIA for the last couple months, so I'm catching up on all my favorite bloggie buds!