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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello, August!

I cannot believe that July is OVER. I know it usually ends right as my birthday pitty parties celebrations are over (the last one was today at my mother-in-laws house - hence the picture with me in the birthday hat). But where 'o where did July go?

Well, for me... it was spent running and "building" the deck. I racked up some serious mileage in July too. The most so far - 158 miles this month. That makes my yearly total... wait for it.... 836!!!!!!

Also, I ran my longest run EVER in July - 14 miles. I know for some of you 14 milers happen like every other day, but for me... it was my longest run since I was 17. I just turned 33... so yeah, there has been a little distance between the two. But these next few months I will run even farther... I think I am crazy!

This week was also special because I ran with my coach/partner, Bob THREE times. He joined me for the last 4 of two 7 milers and the last 12 of my 14 miler yesterday. We even ran on my birthday. I looked like this an hour before our run. It was just after consuming 6 extra large crabs. I begged them to let me off without eating cake, but Kiera insisted, so I compromised... a sliver now and the rest when I got back from my run.

And when I got back from our hot run on Thursday, I looked like this.. supporting my new shirt (birthday present). It reads: There is no I in team, but there is in ICE CREAM... how fitting since I just passed on my ice cream cake. And I was too hot and sweaty to enjoy the cake. I showered and hit the sack!

Yesterday was one of the best weather days to run too. We started around 5:40 with 65 degree temps. I was a little chilly, but warmed up in the first 1/2 mile. Bob dropped me off at Lake Needwood Golf Course entrance and he went ahead to park and stretch at Lake Needwood Park. Since he is such an awesome Coach, he planned the 2 miles that I needed to do before meeting him PERFECTLY. I mean seriously right when I hit Rock Creek Trail to start our 12 mile run with Bob waiting for me, my Garmin beeped 2 miles. Yay!

I was pumped since I had already run 2 miles, so I asked Bob to set the pace. My first two miles were: 10:09 & 10:07.

Around mile 5, my left arch hurt. Mile 6 was the turn around which was at Dewey Park. Nice benches allowed me to sit and re-tie my shoe (Dolce, the wonder dog, took my shoe the day before and ran around with it in her mouth - stretching the shoe strings and tightening it.). And after 5 more stops (yes, I am that pathetic), I think I finally got it right. (It was only mile 10 that I realized that this were my brand new shoes and I had not fully broken them in yet. I had run in them during the week, but wasn't ready to run 14 in them... so maybe it wasn't Dolce's fault after all.)

I finished 14 miles in: 2:23. It was awesome... and Bob's treat was yellow watermelon which taste just like "regular" watermelon!

What will August bring me? I am sure many many many more miles!!!

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Pam said...

If you all of a sudden start getting contacted by Asics, Brooks, and Mizuno all wanting to sponsor you, you can blame it on that typo. You finished 14 miles in HOW LONG? LOL :)

Lisa said...

cute shirt!!!

Jen said...

Funny... Pam. I corrected it... thanks for pointing it out... now if they contact it would be for REAL! LOL!

S Club Mama said...

very cute shirt & happy birthday

Heather said...

Sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

momof3 said...

awesome run! And yea, I pretty much love that shirt- I saw it last week and kinda wish I'd bought it.

Robin said...

Love your party hat! You are such an inspiration! You rock! I'm cheering you on everyday!

The Happy Runner said...

Yay, look at those miles! Way to go. 14 is long no matter how you slice it -- nice job :-)

Marlene said...

Great job on the long run and congrats on the mileage for July and this year so far. Awesome!

lindsay said...

201 followers, wow! And congrats on your new distance-pr! I loved hitting new long run lengths in marathon training, but I am not sure I will continue upward lol. Here's to an even better August for you :)