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Thursday, August 5, 2010

And the winner is....

Yesterday was a good day! Well, I called it a good day. Maybe it is because I am self absorbed in this running/weight loss thing... although, I am really not trying to lose anymore weight... but it is coming off with all of the miles that I am running. Yesterday, I was called SKINNY twice! I know, right!?!

The kids had dentist appointments. I still go to a dentist in downtown DC. You see, having a dentist in the city you work in is perfection. Hop over during your lunch break or after work. Now that I have been a stay-at-home mother since 2003, it really doesn't make sense to go downtown to DC for the dentist. But I still do.

When it was just me, I enjoyed escaping from being a mother. I enjoyed hopping on the metro with a book and enjoying the ride reading, people watching, and talking to complete strangers. Once the kids started to go to the dentist, they loved the ride too, so we have kept "Howdy Doody" (he has a room full of Howdy Doody memorabilia and sort of does look like him) as the kids call him as our dentist. His wife is his office manager and yesterday she said, " Wow... look how skinny you are... when is the last time you remember being this skinny?" She has also lost quite a bit of weight over the last 3 years... so I really believed her authenticity when she said it. And honestly, I cannot remember when I remember being this weight - high school maybe.

Last night, I was scheduled to run with Bob at 9pm. It was a brutally HOT and humid day. Seriously, you could just see the heat coming off of street all day. I was NOT looking forward to it... but thankfully, my MTP only called for 3 miles. I mean, I could do 3 miles, right? I got a text message from Bob around 6:30 saying, "Same place, 9pm". Wow, he really did still want to run. I texted back, "Hot, hot, hot!" and decided to call him. He said we would just take it slow and hydrate.

At 8:30, I was all ready to go. And while I was getting dresses, I thought I heard thunder. At 8:40, I got the call, "Jen, it is starting to storm out here and I looked at the radar and it isn't going to pass anytime soon." Our run was off. I am blessed to have a neighbor who doesn't go to bed at 8:30 (like me normally). I called this neighbor and asked if I could use her treadmill instead of being struck by lightening. She agreed.

And despite how much I hate the treadmill, last night wasn't so bad. My friend stayed and chatted with me in her basement... and the miles seemed to fly by (granted it was only 3.) I sweated a lot and tried to run on an incline (kinda hard), but I did it. As I was leaving her husband said, "You're skinny!" It was totally innocent and authentic and it felt nice. He told me of a how once when he got down to a lower weight, someone called him skinny... and he was like "wow"!

It feels good to be noticed for your hard work. I do try not to get on the scale regularly, but it is hard. I do not want to become too obsessed... I know I am already. But I try to make it about being healthy not just "skinny".

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First, you look fabulous and I am totally jealous of how you keep dropping the weight. Maybe I shouldn't eat as much.

And second, if anyone other than myself was going to win, it should be G. But I am still super jealous!

momof3 said...


Marlene said...

Great job fitting your run in when the weather got in the way! So nice that you got some compliments. You ARE skinny!! :)

Tracy said...

How nice to have all your hard work recognized. You look fabulous!

ajh said...

Don't you love those skinny remarks? Good for you.

Angie Bishop said...

You do look really great!!
Its hard to see how big the changes are from other peoples perspectives. We see our bodies change slowly so we get used to it and it seems normal but when you see old photos that really helps to put the reduction into perspective.

I am 33 too and have had kids and now am about what I weighed in highschool. Its been way too long and I am loving it! Wow! How cool is that right!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Sweet finding a way to get the run in!

You do look healthy fit and yes, skinny.

Congrats to G.