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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week #5 - MTP

I can hardly believe that I have been training for the MCM for a month now. In some ways it seems like it has been forever. I have been running long distances (10 miles) since February but wasn't really training for anything. I prefer having a goal to work towards. MCM is October 31st and I signed up for the Parks Half marathon on September 12th to give me a test race.

Last night Bob and I ran 7 miles. It was hard to go from 4 weeks of running 3-6-3-6-X-LR to 3-7-3-7-X-LR. To top it off, I turned my ankle on mile 5, but stretched it, walked a bit, started slowly jogging and then picked it back up. We finished in 1:07:47. Not bad for a weekday run.

On Monday, I ran 3 miles on Angel's treadmill because I just couldn't get up in the dark and run before Lyle left. Have I mentioned how much I HATE the mill? But I was thankful not to have to run it outside.

I forgot to mention the reason I went to NC was to meet my new nephew, Kenny. Isn't he just precious? Here he is with my kids: Kiera and Brock. Makes you want to run right out and get a little Kenny too, right? My husband, Lyle didn't agree.

On another note: I mentioned several weeks ago that I had 200 bloggers and was going to do a giveaway. Then the next day, I dropped 2. Not sure why announcing that I would be doing a giveaway would make someone run. Or maybe it is because I have chosen to focus on running and not just losing weight. Anyway, I thought maybe I would get 2 more followers... but alas, I have not. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of stuff to giveaway to my readers... what to do? I think since July 29th is MY birthday (well, not just mine - my twin sister will be celebrating that day too), I have decided that I will do my giveaway anyway!!!! If nothing else, to honor those 198 followers, who well, still follow me.


ajh said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! It is my anniversary! (27th)

Lisa said...

Happy almost Birthday!

Tracy said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Today is my oldest son's birthday.

abbi said...

Happy early birthday! Just wanted to say that I'm a newer follower and plan on sticking around! :-)

Mark said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Marlene said...

I've had a couple of "drop outs" in the last couple of days too. THEIR LOSS!

Your nephew is a cutie.

Great job on 7 miles! It definitely takes some adjusting to get used to the longer evening runs.

misszippy said...

I have drop outs now and again too. It's a funny thing. Anyhow, I think I am going to do Parks also, so we'll have to arrange a meet up!

Rene' said...

Your nephew is adorable Jen! I love newborns and babies in general. I guess that is why I have 4, no more babies though. I ran 7 miles today also and felt okay, just a little sore tonight. I got a hip cramp today, YUK!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to you and your sister. It is my nephews birthday as well as my late grandmother's. Maybe you will get two new followers for your birthday!