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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday's Freedom

The great part about having my parents in town to build our new deck is that I can run at any time I want. No getting up at 4am to run while sleeping. No waiting until Lyle gets home. No hiring a babysitter to stay with the kids.... dare I say, FREEEEEEEEDOM?!?!?!

On my Marathon Training Plan, Friday called for 5 mile pace run. I decided that my pace would be 10m miles. And I decided to run at 2pm in the afternoon because I was getting frustrated at home (more on that later). As I posted earlier, we have had incredibly cool temps here in MD for July. I set out... and it ended up being hotter than I thought... but I survived.

Here are my stats:

Mile 1: 9:45 (my attempt to slow down)
Mile 2: 9:55 (big hill)
Mile 3: 9:51 (stop to drink some water)
Mile 4: 9:47 (feeling better)
Mile 5: 9:45 (happy to be heading home)

Here is what I looked like after I finished (courtesy of Kiera). I stretched.

Frustration: Why was I frustrated? Well, it turned out that Kiera got Strep... and the first antibiotic wasn't working as she still had a fever of 102. Took her back and ask to test Brock as well, sure enough, he had it too. Doctor put both on a stronger antibiotic. Thankfully, it seems to be doing the trick. Kiera is still on Motrin as her fever has not completely subsided... and thankfully, Brock remains without a fever. I am so blessed to have healthy kids... literally they NEVER get sick... so I was really frustrated that they got sick while my parents were here. But Praise God, a shield has been placed around us all so far.

Deck Progress: Deck is coming along. Our footer holes were approved yesterday morning, so the concrete was poured yesterday afternoon.  Here is a picture of 3 of the 6 concrete footers! Today, the framing has begun.... Yay! My father and Lyle started really early.... 2nd inspection is set for Wednesday AM.

I hope everyone has a great long run today or tomorrow. I'll write about my long run with Bob tomorrow. We did 10 miles on the Rock Creek Trail!


Lisa said...

you look cute post run!

Claire said...

Nice to be able to run when we want instead of when we can isn't it?

Have a great weekend!

Running Diva Mom said...

You look FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MCM Mama said...

LOve that skirt! Which one is it?

Great job on the run. Sorry to hear about the strep, we've had it here too.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

CUTE CUTE!! So nice when you have FREEDOM to run when you want. Hope your kiddos feel better ASAP

Pam said...

Awwww, look at you standin' there all adorable in your running skirt! :)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I want that skirt too!!! Where is it from??
We had strep here too! Weird in the summer.