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Monday, June 7, 2010

A little REST does the body good!

I am happy to report that today, my left hip isn't giving me any trouble. Sunday's is my Sabbath and day of rest, so I usually do not run on Sundays. I was getting really nervous because my hip bothered me all through the night and I was starting to wonder if I had seriously hurt myself.

I woke up Sunday with a little pain when I walked - honestly, it felt like something was "catching". My husband was like... what? Anyway, we headed off to church and I prayed about my hip. I did not really think about it after church as we had our Annual Church Block Party. It was a wonderful time to fellowship with each other. They had a moon bounce, food, and had rented an ice cream truck who parked outside and the kids could pick any ice cream - it was AMAZING to the kids (and adults) alike. There were so many flavors to choose from.

There was also this great artist who did face painting. Kiera got a sunflower on her hand and Brock turned into Mario. It was cute.

As we were leaving, I started to think about my hip. I had NO pain. God healed me completely... and I am sure the resting helped as well. Praise God!

So on this Monday, with temperatures in the normal range for June (we have had 90+ days here in MD) at about 75 degrees, I ran 3.7 miles in 32:18. Brock took this picture minutes before I set off. I am getting some muscle definition in my arms... if only my triceps would cooperate. I am working them hard... I promise.

Tonight we get to go to Lyle's first softball practice with the church league. We are the St. Paul's Flames (Flames because the church caught on fire once).  I volunteered to play if we did not get enough women, but it will be fun to just go and watch and support my man after all of the support he gives me!


Tricia said...

nice guns :)

have a great week


Looking good!

I am running the Crossroads 17.75K this weekend. Good luck at your 5K!

Steel Springs said...

I'm glad that the hip is feeling better! Have fun at the softball game!

Mary said...

Good to hear that your hip seems fine again!!

I love the Mario look! :D

ShirleyPerly said...

Happy to hear the hip is better!

I wish I could say 90+ deg days were not in my future for many more months ...

Anonymous said...

you are so very right about the rest bit. Glad to hear you're doing better.

Rene' said...

i am so glad that your hip is okay! i had a bad hip in December and ended up having to take the entire month off. yay for nice days, it was in the 60's here today:)