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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reduce or Lose?

On Monday, the 15 Finalists for the Gazette Healthy Challenge were brought to the Gazette Building in Montgomery County and told that they had in fact been selected. Up to that point, they thought that they were coming in for a 2nd interview. The same thing happened to me the year before, and I cried when I found out... yes, I am emotional.

It was so cool to meet all of the contestants and see their reaction when the news broke. During the orientation, Cliff, the publisher and creator of this challenge 6 years ago, corrected himself. He said, "I want to lose the weight with you. I mean, I want to reduce my weight because when you lose something, you find it... so I want to reduce my weight instead of losing it and finding it again."

I was so moved by this I borrowed a pen and wrote it on my hand - yes, I still do that - REDUCE my weight NOT LOSE it.

I think without knowing it and focusing on it, this is what I have done this time around. Every other time that I lost weight, I found it... plus some. I am so happy that I am below 145 now. I seriously cannot remember when I weighed that before. Even when I was running regularly years ago, I never got that low... and eventually reached my peak of 197.5 (or was it 198.5). I realize that my peak may be greater or lesser than yours, but in the end, we ALL want to REDUCE our weight.

Their official weigh in was last night and I know some of them were NOT happy with the number that glared back at them on the scale. My advice - make it be the last time you see that number - FOREVER.

As a Christian, we are taught not to live in fear... but I have to admit, I have been living in fear since the competition ended in June. I am fearful that I will see that number again. I am fearful that I may get injured and not be able to train. I am fearful that I won't secure a spot in today's registration for the Marine Corps Marathon. I am fearful that I will be all talk and no action.

For 40 days, I gave up my scale. I was fearful, but God provided. Doesn't God always provide? It may not be what we were hoping for, or wishing for... but it is ALWAYS more than enough. And all of my fears above are silly.

A new challenge for me is finding time to run. Now that it is getting hotter - we reached 90 yesterday - in April, I need to schedule my runs. Working 3 part time jobs, taking care of 2 children and finding time to run is getting trickier. My husband leaves at 5am, so running before he leaves is not ideal because it is still dark. Running in the evening when he gets home is still too hot. I have to come up with a plan - I need to be created. I know it will be easier come June 17th and June 30th - when 2 of my 3 part time jobs will end. But until then I need ideas. Got any?

I leave you with another "cruise" pic - I look like a dork but this was the kids first complete "meal" - McDonald's in the Bahamas - we actually took their food to a local joint and ate Conch - It tasted like lobster to me:

And a view of my hubby and kids in the ocean - the water was gorgeous and warm:



I have a hard time getting my runs in, but thankfully the treadmill is a huge help. Sometimes G (momof3) and I have "running playdates" where we get all of our kids together and take turns running. Maybe something like that would work for you?

Suzy said...

Interesting thought. Yes, it is great to reduce weight. I think of it as losing it because I found something in myself as I lost weight. Hmmm...I'll have to ponder this more.

Suzy said...

As for running - I do it before the kids get up. My husband is out of the house at 4:45 am, so between running laps around the court and house (boring, but it gets me outside) and running on the treadmill in the basement I've managed to get my runs in. GL finding a time that works for you!

Lauren said...

I think TMB's idea is awesome. Find another mommy runner and take turns babysitting each other's kids while the other runs? Treadmills are also good. And although it's an expensive options some gyms have play areas for the kids, or a pool area, or rock climbing area. Something to keep them entertained :D. I don't know how old they are but you could ask them to bring their homework and do homework in the cafe while you run @ the gym. I'm just remembering what i used to do as a kid when my mom would go work out :D.

And I love the idea of weight reduction rather than loss. Loss is such a negative word anyhow.

Marlene said...

Wow, that's a great way to look at it. Thanks for sharing.

And that water looks AMAZING!

Barefoot AngieB said...

I love that perspective! I certainly do not want to find that weight again nor the sadness that went with it.

teacherwoman said...

I love the idea of saying REDUCE instead of LOSe. I will have to remember that!

Great pics!

lilmeg said...

Good words! I like "remove" too.

And you don't look like a dork in that picture. You look great!!!

Erica said...

I love your pictures...and now that it is warm I am having the same issues!!

H Love said...

love it!!!!

SlowlyButSurely said...

What a great quote! I'm definitely going to try to re-frame my thinking about "reducing" weight!!!

Thanks for posting!