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Friday, April 23, 2010

Once a dork, always a ... DORK!

How come I always look like a dork? This was a shot of me at the big Gazette Healthy Challenge kick-off. That gorgeous women next to me is Benny Dorsey. She was my trainer for the competition last year and has agreed to be one of the trainers this year. She is AMAZING and so not a dork. She has lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for over 4 years! That is my role model and her body is ROCK SOLID. I pray that in 4 years, I will continue to look the way I do now or like Benny. I DO NOT want to be heavy again!!!! I now consider Benny my friend and she is my sister in Christ! It is awesome to work out with a trainer that is a Christian!

Yesterday, I barely pushed out 3.5 miles with the baby and stroller. I am tried this week. But in the evening, my children wanted to practice running again, so we went out for a mile. My daughter's complaints started at .12, but after I said, next time we would leave her home... she toughed it out. My son who is only 5.5 NEVER complains. So, they did a mile in little over 12 minutes. I think they just do not understand how far it is. As my daughter realized we were closer to home, she sprinted. Hello, where was that energy in the beginning? So, I think we will do the SAME mile loop for a couple of weeks so they can comprehend how far they need to go and how much energy they can use in the beginning. My son runs with his arms funny... like he is forcing himself to mimic my arms. It is cute and exciting to see their progression. Who knows... maybe they could run the 5k with me on Memorial Day. My almost 7 year old said, "I AM NOT running a race. No one cares at school that I can run a mile." I said, "Who cares what they think?"

I hate that she thinks it is important what her friends think. I was NEVER that way - perhaps if I was, I would have had more tact now as an adult.

I want to raise her to be strong and independent and to love God. I thank God EVERYDAY for this precious loaner. By LOANER, I mean: I believe that God "loans" us His kids to raise to know him and then, we hand them back over to him as they begin their adult life. It think during this precious time with me, I want my children to KNOW our loving God, to want to serve God, and to share the news with others.

Well, speaking of loaners, I am heading out on my last official retreat as Youth Ministries Assistant. We are taking 15 Middle High students away for the weekend with the theme of LOST. I have really loved the last three years with the youth. I have resigned as of June 30th so I can get a full time job that will help me afford Seminary. Seminary is expensive but the rewards are priceless!

Since I will be away, no long run for me tomorrow. This will be my last Saturday without a long run until after the marathon - I pray. For everyone who may be racing or doing long runs, I will be praying for your safety. If you would like me to pray specifically for you by name, please leave a comment and I would be honored to.

Oh and to celebrate EARTH DAY, I worked all 3 of my PT jobs from home!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Have a wonderful time at the retreat. Middle school kids are at a fun age. You can really talk to them about issues and they are still open to hear what you say.

Lisa said...

Have a great time! It's a blessing to you and to them!

Marlene said...

Good luck with the retreat! Sounds fun!

Julie (ROJ) said...

nothing wrong with being a dork! it's a great way to be ( ;

Tricia said...

have fun!

momof3 said...

I SO get the whining and complaining at mile .12. That's the reason I told C she would have to be in charge of her own running.

Kate said...

you are NO dork! way to go on getting your kids running with you. i started that a year or so ago with mine and sometimes they beg to come and other times they don't want to. it's fun to see them progress - slowly!

my man and i teach jr. high SS so i know how fun those middle schoolers can be! hope your weekend was awesome!