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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Training Method for PR

I know I sort of baited you to read the blog, but I have found a great training tool to get a PR - the baby and baby jogger!!! Of course, the baby is 10 months now and probably weighs around 20 lbs if not more (in case you forgot, I watch a friends baby for 4.5 hours a day). And this baby jogger is not the fancy, dancy BOB - it is the average girl baby jogger - probably cost $300 less than a BOB. It always goes to the right, up hills it makes me feel like I am not moving, and best of all - Baby A does not mind being in it at all. Actually, she even babbles a little - happy babbles I may add.

I posted the other day that I finally broke a 10 minute mile #1 with the baby and jogger on a hilly mile. It felt like a miracle. I failed to tell you that the next 3 miles stunk - big time... but hey, I was just trying to break a 10 min first mile and I did! Success.

I worked 2 out of my 3 PT jobs yesterday with the hours of 8am to 3:30 pm. I was too pooped to run when I got home and thought it was too chilly to run with the baby and the jogger (which sounds silly as I was running with snow on the ground in February and it was much chillier) that morning. After a dinner of Shad roe (more on that another time), brocolli, and brown rice - oh and a handfull of Skittles, I decided to go run.

I secretly got dressed so the kids did not want to come and headed out. I realized at the 1/2 mile mark, as I was checking my pace, that I forgot to start Lola - note to self: always make sure you press start on Lola before trying to see just how fast you can go. After pouting for a second, I pressed start and kept running. When Lola beeped at mile 1, my time was 9:14. Wow, I thought and started doing the math in my head 3X9=27... okay, I may be able to do this under 30 minutes.

Mile #2 was a little more hilly and when Lola beeped again, it read 9:12. Not bad... not bad at all. I was getting hot, so I decided to run back by my house and drop off my outer layer. I did that without tripping or stopping... although my coat did not make it on the mailbox... actually right in the wet grass below it. Oh, well.... that is why they make washing machines.

Mile #3 was less hilly so, I kept running strong. Lola beeped: 9:05 - wow negative splits... my .10 was in 1.03. So, I completed the 5K is 28:34. And in case you need proof, Dolce says:

I was so happy. I made my husband take this picture of me looking like a DORK in front of my beautiful Cherry Tree. What, you cannot tell that it is a cherry tree... really? Maybe it is because my lovely husband pruned it to death! Seriously, during the pruning stage three different neighbors said, "I think you did too much." Really, no joke! He did the same thing 5 years ago and it came back beautifully. I just hope the tree does not hold it against me. I named her Bessy... because she was so big and beautiful. Now... I am afraid she just looks scary. The kids still enjoying climbing on her - hence the stool in front for my shorty son to get up on her.

Oh, well. There are still flowers that are beautiful and I guess I could have gone downtown to DC to see those trees. There is always next year.

Thank you... THANK YOU to all of my fans of my CRAZIEST RUNNING OUTFIT picture. I am catching the lead. Truth be told, I love the blue leotard, but I think she chickened out by not showing her face - hey... I put ALL OF THAT out there with my face in the picture, tortured my son into taking the picture (remind me to show it to his first girl friend in 10 years) and even scared my dog. Here is proof she loves my darling husband more:

At least I get to woo her with doggy treats and bones during the day! She will come back to me... one day!

And if you haven't voted from every computer in your house, there is still more time. Click HERE to vote for me to win new running gear.... or I just may run by your house like this:


momof3 said...

The stroller comment cracks me up. For the longest time I just felt as though I was "running in place" when I ran... and a 11:30m/mi was a thing to celebrate. That said, I do have my kid, plus the kid I babysit. They're both 3, and the stroller is really... really... heavy, no matter how many hills I DON'T run up! The stroller WILL make you stronger and faster, because it will make running without "anything" feel super duper light.
Love the outfit- will go get out the vote!

Marlene said...

Nice 5K!


Great job! You are so right about the stroller. It will make you faster and stronger and when you run without it, running becomes so much easier!

H Love said...

that's GREAT!! Those are amazing times! Way to go!

The Happy Runner said...

Rock on! Pushing kids while running is TOUGH business. You're building lots of strength!