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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Losers Club

Last night, I did the unthinkable. I called the finalists that did not make it into this year's Healthy Challenge to let them know. It was tough. There was so many deserving people. I wish I could tell them all that they made it.

Most took it very admirably. I could totally relate, because I interviewed for the competition 3 times meaning 3 years in a row before I was selected. It may have been more painful to me than to them as I dialed each number to let them know.

I want to take them all into a Losers Club - you know because they did not get selected - and turn this into a real competition. I think all someone needs in the will and motivation. Obviously they had the will to change because they applied to the competition. I am so HIGH... that I can help motivate them and they can motivate each other.

I pray that this year's contestants are truly thankful for the opportunity and use it to change their life.

I have been up since 4:30am - for no reason. As soon as the sun rises, I am going to set out for a long run. We have a busy day ahead of us and I need to get it in.

We leave for the cruise tomorrow and I am worrying about running on the boat. Several bloggers posted that they had difficulties because the boat shifted - one even hurt her ankle. And if I cannot run, I am worrying about gaining weight on the cruise. I know both of these are silly, but I think that is why I am up so early.

Anyway, if you are racing today or tomorrow, leave a comment to let me know so I can pray specifically for you. Happy racing, y'all!


Michelle said...

Have a great time on the cruise! I'm doing my first half tomorrow, so please pray!

MJ said...

You're definitely an inspiration to all of us here. :)

Don't worry about running on the cruise, if you're uncomfortable then use the treadmills inside. I've never had a problem with movement using them. Also...regarding weight gain, the food is, um, lets just say it moves thru you quite quickly. :) I've always gained water weight on cruises, but nothing that didn't come right off within 1-2 weeks after my return. It's a ton of sodium loaded stuff.

Have a great run! I'm doing a 5k in an hour and have to go get ready! :)

Running Diva Mom said...

Enjoy your cruise, I've never been on one. Can't wait to hear about it. Sorry that you were the one that had to break the news. Maybe they will be inspired enough to do this on their own. Have you referred them to your blog????? Seriously, that will motivate them.

Lisa said...

Enjoy the cruise! And best wishes on your long run today.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Have a great run. Enjoy the cruise - I have never been on one - but think it would be fun and relaxing.

Don't stress out about gaining while on the cruise - ENJOY - eat reasonably and do what you can while on the ship. I am sure there are exercise classes to sign up for . . . this is an opportunity to try something different. Then get back into the swing of things when you return. It is life and things happen :-)

I am running my first virtual race today. Tall Mom Race for the Cure. The starter is waiting for me . . . how cool is that.

And I agree with what Running Diva Mom said a couple of posts up - tell the individuals about your blog - that will help motivate them.

Enjoy and have a GREAT vacation.

Lauren said...

Go ahead and enjoy the cruise (including the food!). Just be sensible and don't eat to a point of sickness, etc. A week or so of being "lax" on the eating will only take a week or so of your normal routine to "undo". So enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

Meg said...

Have a nice cruise! I love your spring background!

Marlene said...

Breaking bad news to people can be almost as bad as receiving the news. I hope the "losers" have still been inspired!

ShirleyPerly said...

Have a great cruise!!

I've never been on a cruise but have been to an all-inclusive resort before and think that as long as you don't over-indulge on the food and maintain your exercise routine you won't gain much weight, if any. If you must be lazy and sit around, hang out on the pool deck in a bikini :-)

Anonymous said...

That's really nice of you to offer to pray for those racing, Jen!

I'm all for healthy competition but, like you, I feel for those who do not make the cut. I hope the people who get involved with these things are thick-skinned and independent enough to not view themselves through the eyes of others who are rejecting them.