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Monday, March 1, 2010

7.5 miles and good bye February

Sorry, I have been MIA since Friday.

The kids and I had an awesome visit with my parents on Friday. It was short and sweet, but I was happy to share my children's giggles with them. Isn't it strange how infectious a 5 year old's laugh is? And Kiera decided to try and beat my mother in cards. A rule in our family is that, "There is NO LOVE in cards" and it is so true. Kiera is definitely part of the family as she beats me cold in Uno.

We went to CiCi's for lunch and we had a nice time. I'm not sure what the kids liked the best - hot gewy brownies or the game room. Here is my parents with my kids when we were leaving - They treated the kids to the Dollar Store - which is a HUGE hit with them "You mean I can have any thing I want?" exclaimed Brock!

But atlas, it was time to go. Kisses all around (my kids with my father, my mother with one of her pugs, Sweetpea):

My mother had to get on her bus for her afternoon run. Did I mention that my mother has driven a school bus for 17 years and that both of my grandparents drove a school bus? My kids think it is the COOLEST job ever and she allowed them to "play" on the bus while it warmed up. We got to follow her a little way before our turn and the kids loved it!

Okay, that was my Friday, now on to my 7.5 miles:

I woke up Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow. Not enough to try my new yaktrak (still in the package), but enough to make it a little slippery. Here is what my walk way looked like:

I did eat a Luna bar and drank some water this time and let it settle before running. I started out walking about 1/4 mile and then started to run. At the first 1/2 mile I turned my ankle and it hurt. I did stop my watch (LOL - you know I am obsessed with my time, not the only one - check out Kirsten's blog) and debated whether or not to turn back. I was really craving the long run and did some stretching and trudged up the hill to continue. I was glad I did. It felt good. As the miles and time ticked away, I really concentrated on my form. Shoulders back, run with my hips (I tend to just run with me knees - hard to explain), and really use my arms. I felt great. When I got to the Millennium Trail in Rockville, MD, I was nervous about its condition. It was icy in some patches, but at least I could see the pavement. It had not been dug out for weeks. I decided to keep going. I hit 4.3 miles at the turn around and was thrilled. I headed home and really continued to work on speed. I was getting excited with my times. My average pace time was 10:05. Big improvement without the stroller.

It got me to thinking. If I am training for a marathon in October, at this point, should I be working on getting the miles in or my time? 7.5 miles was the farthest I had run since April. I was excited to get out there. Dare I try 10 this Saturday? I found out that the Millennium Trail is 10.6 miles so it is possible.

My ankle was sore the rest of the day and I opted not to wear heels to church. Today, it seems perfectly fine. So adieu February. March, I know you will bring me warmer temps, new challenges, and a lot more sun!

So, I ask the blog - experts:

Should I be working on more miles or faster times if my marathon is in October?


Weddings With The Cricut said...

Way to go!! Awesome job!! What a way to end February. I am currently training for my 1/2 marathon in May and using my shorter run days to work on speed and my longer days to work on just making it through the distance. HTH! Great job!


Me said...

I am going with the person above me; work on both.
You need the miles because, let's face it, it's the marathon! But you also need a certain speed to endure and make it in time. I don't know if there is a time limit on this.If there is, speed is of essence. If not, speed isn't that much of an issue, finishing is.
And that coming form someone who has just decided not to run any 'runs' but just run for 'fun'.

Marlene said...

So glad you and the kids had a nice visit with your parents!

Great job on the run.

At this point I would definitely focuse more on building your endurance (longer, slower runs) and work on speed later in the summer.

RockStarTri said...

My recommendation is to build the base now with a focus on speed later. That doesn't mean no speed work now but the the focus should be base building. October is a long way off.

Just my 2 cents.


Great job on the run! I think that you have plenty of time to worry about hitting the mileage. If you are cool with just running for time and building a base, that is what I would recommend. (Personally, I am a numbers person and like to work with distances!)

April said...

Great pics from you visit with the Grandparents. My boys would love it if their Grandma drove a school bus! She might achieve rock star status!!;)
Good job on your run! Icy conditions and a rolled were very determined.
I've never trained for a marathon, but for my halves, I get my mileage down first and then work on time.
Which Marathon are you doing?

Kelly said...

I say more miles, but that's cause I have no endurance base. I think that once you have more miles the time/speed just kinda creeps up on you. At least that's what I'm hoping for this year!

Kirsten said...

Love the pics of your parents and Kiera and Brock! :) You're raising them right with the cards, no doubt. :) They gotta' hold their own at the family gatherings, right? LOL

I could write a BOOK about your question to focus on speed or mileage. I'm considering blogging or sending you an email or both.

Let's see, now would be a great time to work on pace if you choose to do so, but don't do it on any of your long runs. Long run days should be run at an easy pace period, just finish them. Shorter distance days would be great opportunities to work on speed or run intervals or run a tempo run. (I can explain more what I mean by that if you are interested.) Call me. :)

Technically, you should probably follow a plan that is 16 to 18 weeks for the marathon. My favorite is That means you don't have to "train" officially for marine corps until June 27.

Wait for 10 miles, run 8.5 to 9 miles this coming Saturday. If that goes well, go for 10 the next weekend. You have plenty of time to build your distance and you definitely will get there.

Now I'm sending you an email with more details about training plans. love ya sister!

lindsay said...

i echo many of the others - mileage now, speed later (summer, fall). you can still toss in some faster runs now of course to keep things spicey -- fartlek runs, intervals, tempos, but you don't need to worry about structuring it too much now. if you're a little tired one day of just doing the same ol', go out and make up a speed game (like 3min hard, 1min easy) or do some intervals. but yeah, def enjoy taking it easy and building your base - log those miles!

Lisa said...

mileage now for sure.